Traditional Men’s Kurtas- Everlasting Garment For Classy People!

rtx12007ksr-102120Over the years dresses of Indian men has changed its style in a drastic way, but the one who still dominating the market is kurta. This simplest form of the cloth is generally knee length and has a long tunic shape. Due to its structure, it’s a loose fitted garment which has long sleeves and a button in the front placket. These clothes are real bliss for summer season because the simple structure makes it airy and comfortable. Traditionally these clothes are worn over the pants, which are known as pajamas. The combination of kurta and pajama can be worn for any special occasion due to its simple structure and classic look.

The material of this outfit varies depending upon its final usage. However, generally, it’s being made by cotton and silk. If you plan to buy kurta online then there you can see a lot of variety available. Each of them has different color, shape, design and pattern. The pattern, design and embroidery work depends upon the region or place from where the kurta is produced. Each production house of these outfits has unique style and design. For instance, if kurtas are coming from Lucknow then one can see chikan work on it, if the kurta is coming from Orissa then you can see the kotki print on it. Nowadays taking a stole or a dupatta with kurta is in fashion.

Thus, due to its simple form and classic design, this outfit will remain evergreen for the coming centuries.


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