Designer Kurti: The Authentic Everyday Dress

feeb1fb1afd32248c3c1404b7b39ed59In this evolving world, women want an outfit that is comfortable and traditional at the same time. Mostly all the traditional dresses are very bulky and heavy while the party wear dresses are light weight but too revealing. The dresses which are flaunting and exposing the body parts are considered taboo in the Indian society. Salwar kameez and saree are some of the heredity outfits passed from older generations to younger generations. But young women want to wear something different which is trendy and cultural at the same time. Designer kurtis is in fashion these days basically worn on a daily basis sometimes. It comes in casual and formal dress. The ideal choice for college girls which gives personal satisfaction. Many women wear kurtis in the office to work efficiently.

Kurtis are just like a kameez but with the precise fitting and ideal cuts at the edges. They provide an astonishing look when worn with legging and salwar. They provide a modest look at the women while protecting her dignity. She doesn’t have to adjust the outfit again and again. The awkward moments can be prevented and you can concentrate on the work completed. Kurtis are readily available at online shopping stores. They are well combined with trousers, skirts, leggings, salwar, pajami etc.

f4e7e8c8e3bbf4cf7c5b0071e5355a06Designer kurtis are glossy looking designs. The new designs have various patterns and embroidery to magnify the quality of the dress. The patterns are inspired from ancient India and flora-fauna designs. The fabrics like chiffon, cotton, velvet, silk, net and Georgette. Cotton and velvet provide a strong ground for heavy, rich embroidery with bead and stonework. While the chiffon and Georgette has light embroidery with golden threading.

The renowned designers like Ritu kumar, Tarun Tahiliani and Manish malhotra have a fascinating collection of these designer kurtis. They have incarnated unique and rare patterns with marvellous embroidery at the edges. They look elegant and smoothing when worn during special occasions like weddings and festivals.

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