Silk Sarees: For Everlasting Graceful Look

I don’t want to act foolish by asking you do you even own a silk saree or do you know what a silk saree is?  The iconic dress for Indians on any special occasion like wedding, festival, party or even on birthdays is known globally. If you still don’t know we are here to assist you. We all know Chinese developed silk trade in Asia, they even developed silk route for transactions and economical development. The silk which came from china reached north eastern part of India and eventually making Varanasi its hub. Since 97% of the raw silk is produced in southern states with one exception Jammu and Kashmir. The apparel with so smooth fabric and marvelous designs are available on online shopping stores.


These dresses are world famous now even fascinated by foreigner and worn in Hollywood movies also. It is the only Indian attire which is linked with our gods and has not faded away in time. Saree is like an extended skin for the Indian women. Daily life ethnic wear has a smooth cloth but simple design and zero embroidery. It has a peaceful look with a simplistic touch.  Women wear this on regular bases it is the ideal dress throughout India. With the modern society and trendy fashion the new generation is diminishing the use of this outfit in daily life but they can’t resist on wearing them in special occasions.


These silk dresses are considered as the exquisite trousseau ethnic wear among women. They have Mughal influenced designs and pattern basically the ones shown in palaces and tombs. But later on with time floral patterns, birds, animals were incarnated on these apparels to develop new designs according to the market. This hand crafted saree take around 1 week to 6 months in making and the cost may vary from as low as 2500 INR to as high as 1,00,000 INR. The designs which are carved on them make them unique and ever glancing whenever worn in any function or occasion.

Add this astonishing wear in your collection. It is high time to buy silk sarees online from best online shopping store.


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