Kalamkari Kurtis- Grow Fashionable This Season

Have you ever heard about Kalamkari kurtis? If no then this is the right time to get know about them. Read on the article below and find elaborate information on Kalamkari kurtis that consist of printing techniques. Women Kurtis Online ShoppingIdeally, Kalamkari is an art of painting the natural dyes on to silk or cotton fabric with a pen made of bamboo.

The name ‘Kalamkari’ is ideally derived from ‘Pen’ and ‘Kari’ as ‘Work’ in Hindi. Kalamkari can be seen in many several shrines in India. It is done at the backdrop behind the idol.  There are plenty of ways to create Kalamkari designs depending upon the part of the country in which they are created.

Presently, there are plenty of Kalamkari patterns that are distinctly known. Some of the prominently known forms of Kalamkari are Srikalahasti type and Machilipatnam type. In the former style, the artist makes use of a simple method of creating motifs and fillings in colors that is entirely hand drawn. The style is largely flourished around temples and has a strong religious correlation.

Kalamkari is largely popular and is especially amid the sophisticated art forms that are known in India. This pattern of designing and styling has won hearts of millions of people across the globe. There are plenty of eco-friendly and vegetable dyes that are used on kurtas. One can find Kalamkari designs both at traditional souks and modern day arcade women kurtis online shopping site. Many people across the globe prefer to stock kalamkari attire in their wardrobe and love to flaunt artistic creations.


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